About Us

Art in Bottles is located in Owensboro, Kentucky in the United States of America. My wife and I have been actively involved in the buying, selling, research, and documentation of ships, folk art, and whimsey built in bottles and other glass containers since the 1980's. Over the years we have owned one of the most extensive collections found anywhere in the world including bottles by the most well-known artists such as Daniel Rose, Carl Worner, Adam Selick, the Soldiers Home Artist, Jonny Reinert, George Fulfit, John Harmon, IOOF Chair Artist, Henry Poole, Caveman, Jacob Steur, G. Stengel, to name a few. The bottles offered here for purchase come from private sales, antique stores, the Internet. and auction and estate sales. Now, through Art in Bottles you have the opportunity to own wonderful examples of this classic original folk art.

We are happy to combine shipping whenever practical and in keeping with safe shipping practices.

The following is an article I wrote about Bottle Whimsies for the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles:

"The Wonderful World of Bottle Whimsies!" by Greg Alvey