This is a wonderful model of the "Josef Stalin Mk II" Russian military tank built in a John Walker & Sons Limited Scotch bottle. All the pieces are amazingly detailed and painted in army green. The tank has the serial number "3aPo'AИhHa" on both sides of the gun housing. The tank is accompanied with 8 soldiers dressed in desert khaki uniforms. One man is in the opening of the tank and 4 more are on the back part of the tank; 2 on the men on the tank have rifles aimed, one is in a prone position with rifle in hand, and another is holding the upper part of the tank cab.  Another man with rifle at this waist is on the ground behind the tank and a man is in front of the tank holding a rifle in one hand and giving a signal with the other.  The is a shell damaged red walled bunker in an "L" shape with a man in prone position aiming his rifle at a target. 

This remarkable scene is very realistically portrayed and shows the age and the wear and tear of battle in the soldiers uniform and on the tank with even mud on the tires. The tank is on a bed of putty that looks like a muddy road.  The tank shows the road bed and even the tire tracks in the mud. Under the putty inside the bottle is the following: "Josef Stalin Mk II"  Under that is a British flag with the words "Made in."  The bottle is sealed wit the original screw cap.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 10.5" x 3"
Bottle Type John Walker's Pons Limited
Actual Date Made 1980
Made Where England

438 - Josef Stalin Mk II Tank in bottle

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