This is a vintage Ship named the "Tvetfala" sailing on a sea of blue.  The ship has 3-masts and 18 sails. The rigging shows both running and standing rigging and it is very detailed with blocks. The hull is red on the bottom and the rest is white.  The name "Tvetfala" is written on the bow on both sides.  Both the bow and the stern have a raised deck with railing.  There are several deck cabins and hatches along with red and green port and starboard lights.  The ocean has several rocky masses that the ship is sailing between.  One of the rocky areas has a tall yellow and white lighthouse with a red ring  around the top section.  There is a small tug boat sailing along the side of the ship.  The tug has a red bottom and the rest of the hull is black.  There is a single large smokestack in the middle of the tug that is red on the bottom and black on the top with stands of thread "smoke" coming out of it.  There are two large sections of deck cabins and two masts with simple rigging. The scene is built in a clear bottle with a leaf design in the glass around the upper portion.  The bottom of the bottle is marked  "Watsonville Cal Martinelli & Co."

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 10" x 7 1/2"
Bottle Type Watsonville Cal Martinelli & Co
Estimated Date Made 1940 - 1960

474 - Tvetfala Ship Diorama in a bottle - SOLD

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