This is a model of an 18th century Russian gunboat sailing on a translucent sea of dark green.  The ship has two masts each with a lateen sail.  There are three sail in total and each have seams and reef lines drawn on. The rigging is nicely done with running and standing rigging.  Imitation blocks are used in the rigging.  The Russian ensign and the white with blue "X" ensign of the Tsar flies from the flag pole on the mast. The hull has two decks and is covered in decorative paper showing planking and gun ports. The deck is planked and has several features including the ship's wheel, a lifeboat, stairs, and a main cannon in the bow section.  The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper and has a brown Turks head knot just between the cap and the bottle opening.  The ship rests in a wooden stand with a copper plaque in Russian and English.  The plaque denotes that the model is of a Russian Gunboat of the 18th Century. This is the work of the well-known Russian master ship in bottle builder Vsevolod Gladilin.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 7 1/4" x 3 1/3"
Bottle Type Unidentified
Estimated Date Made 1990s
Made Where St. Petersburg, Russia
Maker's Name Vsevolod Gladilin

504 - 18th Century Russian Gunboat Ship in Bottle - SOLD

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