This French wine bottle contains a wonderful folk art carving of Jesus hanging on the cross surrounded by many religious symbols. Jesus is wonderfully carved from wood wearing a gold loin cloth with red stripes. He has a full beard and blood marks from His wounds. The cross is gold and red with white on the end of the timbers. There is a large wooden pick on the base in front of Jesus and crossed swords with gold and black diagonal striping and red lance tips. On each side are poles striped like the lances with palm-like tops perhaps meant to resemble a torch. A hammer and pliers on the sides of the base. There is a ladder with eight rungs on each side of the cross. A spade in on the back of the base. Atop the cross is a carved rooster. The bottle is sealed with a cork.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 9 1/2" x 2 5/8"
Bottle Type E. Barbin a Clermont-Ferrand Wine
Estimated Date Made 1890s - 1920s
Made Where France

987 - Crucifixion Scene in a Bottle

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